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Reflections On The Sayings Of Bruce Lee. Part 1 Of A Continuing Series.


“Circumstances?  Hell, I make circumstances.” -Bruce Lee

Above quote from: Striking Thoughts: Bruce Lee’s Wisdom For Daily Living. By Bruce Lee & John Little.

Many people consider themselves to be victims of circumstance.

“If only things had been different.”

“If only I had gotten some good breaks.”

“If only I had stayed in college and made something of myself.”

There are all kinds of excuses people make.

Once, when asked about circumstances, Bruce Lee smiled and said, “Hell, I make circumstances.”  To me, this is the perfect mindset of the Entrepreneur.

An Entrepreneur should never blame his or her station in life on circumstances.  As Entrepreneurs we learn to look for opportunities in every problem.  And, when we find a creative solution to a problem, we learn how to monetize that solution and present it to the world.  Negative circumstances and problems give the Entrepreneur material to work with.  We don’t fear them.  Instead we creatively work with them to create value for ourselves and others.

Inside of every problem, there is an opportunity.  Once that opportunity is seen, we put forth the work and effort to turn things around and create our own circumstances.  This is how I understand the statement by Bruce Lee above.  We can choose to be victims or victors.  The Entrepreneur chooses the path of being a victor no matter how hard the road may seem.  We never blame circumstances.  We make them.

In home business the path to success, or even just holding things together, may seem to be ominous at times.  But, if we can take a deep breath and channel our inner master, we can find the strength to carry on and keep pushing forward no matter what.  We may have to change direction from time to time, but we never give up the journey.

Determination and a creative attitude can pay off big when we are faced with difficult times.  Although we may feel like giving up, we don’t.  Instead we focus on finding the opportunity in every difficulty and then market that solution to the world.  It’s a great way of life when we open our eyes to it.  And it is a wonderful way to enjoy true freedom while serving the needs of others and earning a living at the same time.

Are you open to being an Entrepreneur?  It’s a path less chosen, but a great road to walk!

Bruce Lee quote taken from the book below.  All other text are reflections written by the author of this post.

Striking Thoughts: Bruce Lee