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Just Call Me The 600 Mile Man…

That’s the number of miles I had to drive every week getting back and forth to work.  It meant spending long hours each day being behind the wheel and getting stuck in traffic.  I didn’t like it but, living out in the country with no good jobs available locally, I felt I had to travel.  Then something happened.

In 2011 a few major events took place.  First, my elderly parents began showing the unmistakable signs of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.  It became obvious they needed in home care, and I was the closet of the family who could do it.  I had already been spending most of my free time looking after them, and I soon realized they could not be left unsupervised for too long at a time.  So, working a long distance away no longer seemed an option.

The second problem I had to deal with was our family car.  Driving 600 miles a week was doing a number to it.  I was driving it into the dirt.  It began to break down frequently.  First the starter went out.  Then the generator went out.  Then the brakes went out.  Then the transmission went out.  Then the starter went out AGAIN!  This, along with the condition my parents were in, pushed me to take a serious look at working from home.

So, in March of 2011 I fired my own boss giving him 2 weeks notice, and my wife and I went our own way.  I hired myself out locally doing mowing and yard work.  We also started a career doing life and relationship coaching over the phone.  It is that cottage industry that has paid the majority of our bills up to now and has allowed us to earn a full time living from home.  It was scary making the break, but in the end, we made it work.


Now, after earning a steady 5 figure income from home with our own home business, I am seeking to really gear things up in 2019.  I have my sights set on creating a 6 and 7 figure income from home.  And one of the main tools I am employing to achieve that goal is the Power Lead System.


The Power Lead System consists of a suite of internet marketing tools (including this blog that you are reading now) that newbie entrepreneurs find helpful.  You get tools like Sales Funnels, Lead Capture Pages, an Auto Responder, Email Marketing tools, and Virtual Postcards to send to prospects.  And, more importantly, you get training on how to do online marketing, how to use the system, and how to get an endless stream of leads free by doing Social Media Marketing right.  Entrepreneurs get all this and more for only $54 per month as an affiliate, or only $30 per month as a customer.

Plus, if you join at the affiliate level (Gold or above) you get access to a compensation plan that is the best I have seen.  Generous commissions paid residually, plus bonuses paid to you every month when any of your direct referrals makes a sale.  While there is no guarantee that you will earn any money with the system, we have people in PLS who have created 6 and 7 figure incomes using this system and the tools it contains.  And…I fully intend to become one of them!

If you would like to check the Power Lead System compensation plan out for yourself, just follow the link below for a free presentation.  And, if you would like to become an affiliate member…then Welcome To My Team!

Power Lead System Comp Plan Presentation Link

To Our Success,